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Nearly 30% of Canadian workers belong to unions, including, nurses, teachers, journalists and professional athletes, as well as the more traditionally unionized occupations like retail store clerks, manufacturing workers, miners, electricians and other construction trades workers. All in all, about four million Canadian workers belong to a union. Why not you and your co-workers?

Unions in Canada are regulated by federal and provincial legislation. They are required by law to be democratic and financially accountable to their members. All unions have constitutions that must be registered with government labour boards. There are well over a hundred different unions in Canada however UFCW Canada is the largest private sector union all across Canada.

From the harvest to the dinner table, from the oceans and forests to the urban core, UFCW Canada members work in such a wide range of sectors and workplaces they are always nearby. Wherever people work in retail, manufacturing or service, UFCW Canada members can be found.