Hospitality and Restaurants are the biggest sector of UFCW, Local 102. The hospitality industry is continuously growing, especially in the Niagara region. By 2025, the number of Canadians working in this sector will be an astonishing 1.4 million. Many Canadians are referring to this industry as their means of living. Since UFCW is the largest private-sector, we work hard to ensure a positive and dignified future for our members. Although we are a Canadian union, we are fully supported by the strength and solidarity that lies in UFCW International, which is also one of North America’s largest private sector unions, carrying over 1.3 million members.

UFCW is Canada’s largest private sector union with 250,000 members that are represented by over 47 UFCW Canadian Local Unions. UFCW is the largest union in the service industries and the private sector retail industries. Although we represent a huge portion of the food industry, we also represent members in a variety of work fields including health care and manufacturing. In particular we have a noticeable presence in the hospitality and restaurant sector throughout Ontario. Please refer to the list below for details.

Some of the sectors UFCW Canada represents are:


Breweries, Distillers and Soft Drinks

Call Centres

Cereal and Flour Mills

Clothing Manufacturing

Credit Unions and Financial Services

Department Stores

Drug Stores

Food Processing

Health Care Services


Nursing and Retirement Homes





Security Service


Warehouse and Distribution